What is the definition of Kratom and how to pronounce it?

Kratom is a well-known plant. Fundamentally, this plant belongs to the family of coffee. Coffee family is prominent as a Rubiaceae family. This family is a member of flowering plants. It is an eternally viridescent plant. This plant is indigenous to the regions of South-East Asia. The countries that are lucky enough to have this tree include Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Borneo. Kratom was first explained in 1839 by a botanist named Pieter Korthals. He named this plant as well but later it was renamed in 1859 by George Darby. As kratom lift up the energy level, it was firstly used by the farmers only. They use it to heighten up their energy to work actively in the fields. Later it became popular among the peoples as they came to know about the benefits we are getting from it. Now it is very commonly used around the world.


Leaves of Kratom:

Kratom leaves are of dark green color. They have veins in their center. The leaves are shiny and are about 14 – 20 cm long. When they are fully grown up they are almost 7 – 12 cm wide which means that they are almost the size of a man’s hand.

Types of Kratom:

Kratom is divided into different types. Different type of Kratom has different properties. The difference is either due to the color of vein present in the center or the area/country where they are originated. The main types are mentioned below:

  • Red Veined Kratom
  • White Veined Kratom
  • Green Veined Kratom

There are the strains of kratom which are divided according to the area where they are native. The strains of Kratom are mentioned below:

  • Indo Kratom – This Kratom is grown in Indonesia
  • Malay Kratom – This Kratom is originated in Malaysia
  • Borneo Kratom – This Kratom is cultivated In Borneo
  • Thai Kratom – This Kratom is native to Thailand


Effects of Kratom:

Positive effects:

  • Kratom is well-known for its ability to kill the pain
  • It boosts up the energy level
  • It maintains our health by acting as an antidepressant
  • It heightens our confidence.
  • It helps us to concentrate
  • It helps us to become social
  • Our level of tolerance is increased

Side Effects:

Side effects are only in the case if it is being ingested with a high dose. Side effects may lead to digestion issues, nausea, insomnia, vomiting, migraine, irritation, and restlessness. To avoid these effects, we just need to take it in with low dosage.

Pronunciation of Kratom:

It has been observed that different people belonging to different regions pronounce it according to their accents.

  • Some people enunciate it as Krah-tom. The pronunciation has AH sound.
  • Some people enunciate it as Kray-tom. In this pronunciation, letter a stretched.
  • It is also pronounced as Key-tom. People of Malaysia and Thai usually pronounced it like that.

Let me clear one thing that there is no exact pronunciation of Kratom. People just pronounce it according to their own way.


Kratom is useful as well as a drug which is not harmful. The best thing about Kratom is that you can pronounce it according to your own way and according to your own style because no one is going to say you wrong as no one know the exact pronunciation of it.