The Magical Herb: Kratom | Two Common Medicinal Benefits of Kratom


Kratom leaves have been used to ease many health issues. However, it is most commonly used for management and addiction recovery. It can be purchased in many forms and has been used all over the world as a medicinal treatment for many years.

Pain Management

Kratom leaves have analgesic properties which help with pain by affecting the hormones. Kratom stimulates the production of both dopamine and serotonin which helps to ease the pain. In addition, the alkaloids present in Kratom leaves dull the body’s pain receptors.

Addiction Relief

Kratom has also been used as an effective solution for addiction recovery. In some cultures, kratom leaves are chewed as a way of relieving some of the effects of opium addiction. Throughout the years, the leaves allowed people to experience many of the sensations of opium without the other negative side effects. The leaves allow many people to reduce or eliminate their dependency on opium without uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. The leaves are also often brewed and consumed as a tea. It can be purchased on the Internet or at a health food store. A simple search for “Kratom Near Me,” should reveal where it can be purchased.

Kratom has been used to treat a wide variety of ailments. However, it has been used to manage pain and treat opioid addiction most commonly. The leaves are often chewed, however, Kratom can be purchased and consumed in many different forms. It is available in pill, paste, powder, extract, gum, or pellet. It can even be smoked. However, the way it is ingested is often dependent on the issue being treated as well as personal preference.

Kratom, an ancient remedy, it’s the source? A tree found in southeast Asia produces leaves used for centuries to relieve pain, fever and help relax its user. In small doses people drink it in tea, eat it in yogurt, chocolate milk and other foods and beverages. Many look down upon kratom for some of its negative effects when it is misused, but in reality it helps people in many ways, such as with depression, ADHD and addictions. There are also two different types of kratom you can take.

White and red vein. White vein sumatra kratom effects are usually energizing. Bali kratom (red vein) is often used for anxiety and relaxation. One of the few downfalls of this herb is the taste, many refuse after the mere scent.

However, don’t let yourself get caught up on the smell or taste, the benefits will make up for it. The effects of one dose of kratom can last up to six hours, making the brief inconvenient taste worth your while. For those who believes this is a drug, it has none of the effects that marijuana has, not nearly as powerful.

Going back to the earth to a more natural way to relieve pain and help overcome illness is the way it should be. There is no way to die from this plant, just feel a little queasy if you consume too much. Nature has an answer but we get so caught up in pharmaceutical drugs we ignore our natural solutions. Kratom is a fabulous answer to these problems.