Indonesian Kratom

The leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa are crushed to form a powder. The powder form of Mitragyna Speciosa is commonly known as Kratom. Kratom is a naturally grown herbal plant. It is being used all over the world. Kratom is cultivated in many different parts of Southeast Asia. It is specially grown in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar. 

Kratom variations are the most excellent and finest. They are commonly known by the regions in which they are grown. In most cases, Kratom variations hold the possessions of the region in which they are harvested. 

Indonesian Kratom: 

Indonesian Kratom is the most prominent and well known Kratom variation which is grown in the islands and forests of Indonesia. Indo Kratom strains are quite famous and recognized. They are extremely famous and excessively used all over the world. Indo Kratom is the most utilized Kratom in Asia, Europe and the United States. 

There are three types of Indo Kratom leaves. These types are divided according to the colour of the vein present in their center. 

  •   Red vein Indo Kratom: 

Red vein Indo Kratom is the strongest Kratom strain of Indonesia. This Indo Kratom type has a red coloured vein in its center. The colour of Red vein Indo Kratom appears due to the presence of red vein. 

  •  Green vein Indo Kratom: 

Green vein Indo Kratom is another excessively used type of Indonesian Kratom. This Kratom type also has sturdy possessions. A green coloured vein is present in the center of its leaves. 

  •     White vein Indo Kratom: 

White vein Indo Kratom has comparatively lighter effects. The powder of white vein Indo Kratom is light in colour. It is also very widely used by Kratom lovers who want less potent and light effects. The white coloured vein is present in the centre of their leaves.

Authentic Indo Kratom strains: 

Indo Kratom is additional divided into Super Indo, ultra enhanced Indo, extracts and premium Indo Kratom. 

Super Indo: 

This variation of Indonesian Kratom is produced by the largest leaves. It is believed that the Kratom made from larger leaves will have much more concentration of alkaloids. Larger the leaves greater will be the concentration of alkaloids. Super Indo is a strong Kratom strain. This is because of the presence of more concentration of alkaloids. 

Ultra enhanced Indo Kratom: 

Ultra enhanced Indo Kratom is produced by mixed Kratom powder and extract. Usually, it has a ratio of 75:25. The possessions of ultra enhanced Indo Kratom are not that much strong as the possessions given by natural extracts. However, they are a bit strong. 


Extracts are produced by boiling the leaves of Indo Kratom. They are boiled until it is converted into the hard resin. After this, the hard resin is ground into powder. This powder form is more potent than typical Kratom powder. 

Premium Indo Kratom: 

This Indo Kratom is made by using the stem of Kratom. As a result, the Kratom formed is pure and contain more alkaloids. Premium Indo Kratom is much more popular. The reason is that it is comparatively less expensive than the others.