External hard drives are useful devices that enable computer users to store files that may not fit in their internal hard drives and to back up vital data. Each time you surf the internet, your computer is exposed to security risks like viruses even if you are using firewalls and anti-virus software. Having a copy of your crucial data is a wise, precautionary step. best external hard drive for Mac is external hard disks which are enclosed in its own case and it may be a little bit larger than the internal drive or small enough to fit in your pocket.

You can easily attach the external hard drive to a computer since most of these drives support either Firewire or USB connectivity, or both. To use the external hard drive, you only need to plug it into your computer. External hard drives are recognized as plug-n-play devices on all Windows versions beginning from Windows 2000 onwards, the recent Mac-OS versions and Linux distributions.

A majority of computers have large internal hard drives and for that reason, many users may feel that it is not necessary to have an external hard drive. However, there are many good reasons for adding an external hard disk to your computer’s configuration. It is easy to find an excellent hard drive that will meet your needs. The following are some of the best reasons for using external hard disks.

Hard Disk Storage capacity

Using an external hard drive is a great way to increase the storage capacity of your computer. After buying a computer, you may feel that it has adequate storage space. However, within a few years of using the computer, that storage space may appear minuscule. External hard disks offer astounding storage capacity. For instance, you may choose to get a two-terabyte external hard drive.

Backup hard drive

You can use an external hard drive as an emergency backup drive. Bear in mind that your hard disk can crash. Therefore, having a backup is vital whether you use your computer for work or personal needs.

Enhanced performance

Using an external hard disk as your primary drive can enhance the performance of a Mac computer with a slower internal drive. If you plan to use an external hard disk as the primary drive, search for a 7200 rpm drive that has a large cache buffer.

Longer life of your computer

If the internal hard drive of your computer crashes, you will not lose the critical data stored in the external hard drive. Using an external hard drive as the primary drive can also keep the internal hard drive from wearing and tearing too quickly. Therefore, the internal hard drive can last longer.


Most of the hard drives available on the market today are lightweight and small. Transporting them from one place to another is easy. These hard drives can be useful when you want to take some data with you when going on a trip.


External hard disks are beneficial to use. You only need to determine how much portability and storage space you need from an external hard disk and how much you can spend on the device. By considering these factors, you will get a drive that is ideal for you.


Hard drives have very effective use and efficiency on the user, through properly preserving data, in particular. The importance and the impact that the data has is of immense value and ease in accessibility and also the convenience of transferring data fast has promoted and made the hard drives the preferred mode of storing information. The different types and models of hard drives being used in the market. This makes it necessary to have a proper review of hard drives.

SSD E730

The SSD E730 is one of the best and most recommended hard drives in the market, it has;

  • A longer lifespan, the features of the device is that it can connect via a 3.1 USB 2-second generation.
  • The ability of the device to be compatible with most of the current devices which have been upgraded to provide better services and also to enhance efficiency
  • To bring it into more reality one can transfer a 5GB capacity movie in a record time of 16 seconds and better yet an average AAA game in less than one minute.

Akitio Thunder 3

Secondly, there is the Akitio Thunder 3 Raid Station has the incredible features of up to

  • 40 Gb ps and massive power delivery of up to 27W of power to compatible laptops, the features in this device ensures
  • User-friendly and can deliver huge data sharing within a short duration thus making it very friendly.
  • With a built-in SD card reader, it is easier to transfer data to any device whether a mobile phone.
  • The cooling fan has a switch for a noiseless operation which creates a more conducive environment.

Samsung SSD X5

The Samsung portable SSD X5 has been designed to provide both;

  • Good service, comfort, and security to the user. Designed for the tech-savvy user who desires to protect their data and passwords and at the same time enjoy services.
  • It allows one to transfer 20 GB 4K UHD from the personal computer to the hard drive in less than 12 seconds.
  • With a cool and metallic designed which is inspired by a super-car. The device has a matte bottom which prevents it from slipping when being held and at the same time being user-friendly and state of the art technology.
  • Data protection is one of the key selling points of the device and this is enhanced through the use of AES 256 bit encryption which has a three-year warranty.
  • The hardware of the device is best enhanced through the use of a protective guard and also a hit sink which cautions the device from overheating.

Depending on one’s needs and the amount of data that they are dealing with then they are able to decide on the type of hard drive that works best for them.