White Vein Kratom is just what you need when fatigue is setting in after an engaging activity or even as you prepare another activity that needs you to be alert. Just the right prescription of the white vein kratom and your energy levels and brain activity will be doubled up than never before.

White vein kratom as a replacement for caffeine

This is the solution if you find that stimulants such as tea and caffeine give you jittery effects. White vein kratom does away with this offering refreshing energy that is less intoxicating.

Effect of White Vein Kratom

Those who have tried this remedy will testify of it to have;

  1. More energy levels and thus a more productivity
  2. Cheers you up when you are in depression or having low moods

iii. Some strains can be offered as pain remedies

  1. Enhance positivity

It offers unsurpassed fatigue relief than either green or red vein kratom and comes in handy whenever vigilance is needed. It might not be what the doctors order in case of pain relief as it leaves all that to the red and green varieties.

Your mental ability will also be boosted to greater effects when you regularly use white vein kratom. Comes to the rescue just as you burn the midnight oil studying for the big test tomorrow. It also helps you maintain focus while in class and also improve your memory ability.

Some of the strains of this Kratom

According to wekratom.com, Popular strains of the White Vein kratom are Maeng Da, White Thai and White Vein Bali. White Vein Bali is popular due to its greatest capacity of alkaloids. This has made it the number one option for increasing body activity. It does this by removing distractions when you need your focus to be at a hundred percent; for instance, for athletes or chess players.

Some strains such as Maeng Da have the ability to relieve you against pain while also has great performance when you need to induce euphoria. It does this in so much a comfortable way that you will not be undertaken through unnecessary sweating or other irritating body discomforts.

White Thai, on the other hand, is good for general relaxation of the body. Like when you had a long day at your firm and are finding it difficult to relax your body. Take this if you need to throw away all you worry.

For better results, you can seek advice from physicians on which particular strains of White Vein Kratom you can combine or check it kratombox.com . This will similarly bring on board benefits from each strain in the combination and surely you will benefit more than if you had used one.

Do you need a boost ever so often? Then White Vein Kratom is just right for you than any other remedy. Its effects will work in your body for almost four to five hours before you get back to the normal body setting or will give your body a relaxed sensation as the effects wear out.


Hard drives have a very effective use and efficiency on the user, through properly preserving data, in particular. The importance and the impact that the data has is of immense value and ease in accessibility and also the convenience of transferring data fast has promoted and made the hard drives the preferred mode of storing information. The different types and models of hard drives being used in the market. This makes it necessary to have a proper review of hard drives.


SSD E730

The SSD E730 is one of the best and most recommended hard drives in the market, it has;

  • A longer lifespan, the features of the device is that it can connect via a 3.1 USB 2-second generation.
  • The ability of the device to be compatible with most of the current devices which have been upgraded to provide better services and also to enhance efficiency
  • To bring it into more reality one can transfer a 5GB capacity movie in a record time of 16 seconds and better yet an average AAA game in less than one minute.

Akitio Thunder 3

Secondly there is the Akitio Thunder 3 Raid Station has the incredible features of up to

  • 40 Gb ps and a massive power delivery of up to 27W of power to compatible laptops, the features in this device ensures
  • User friendly and can deliver the huge data sharing within a short duration thus making it very friendly.
  • With a built-in SD card reader it is easier to transfer data to any device whether a mobile phone.
  • Cooling fan which has a switch for a noiseless operation which creates a more conducive environment.

Samsung SSD X5

The Samsung portable SSD X5 has been designed to provide both;

  • Good service, comfort and security to the user. Designed for the tech-savvy user who desires to protect their data and passwords and at the same time enjoy services.
  • It allows one to transfer 20 GB 4K UHD from the personal computer to the hard drive in less than 12 seconds.
  • With a cool and metallic designed which is inspired by a super-car. The device has a matte bottom which prevents it from slipping when being held and at the same time being user-friendly and state of the art technology.
  • Data protection is one of the key selling points of the device and this is enhanced through the use of AES 256 bit encryption which has a three-year warranty.
  • The hardware of the device is best enhanced through the use of a protective guard and also a hit sink which cautions the device from overheating.

Depending on one’s needs and the amount of data that they are dealing with then they are able to decide on the type of hard drive that works best for them.

As kratom continues to gain popularity, more and more people buy kratom to tap on its immense benefits. The effects of ingestion of kratom are attributed to alkaloids present in this plant. The main alkaloids present in kratom are 7- hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. Different strains of kratom have varying levels of these alkaloids. This is the reason different strains of the product confer different effects. If you want to buy kratom, it is essential to know what you will gain from this herbal product and the potential side effects.


Benefits of using kratom

  • Pain relief. Kratom products have been used for centuries by local communities in places where the plant has been cultivated as a remedy for pain and inflammation. This is one of the significant benefits of using kratom. Unlike the pharmaceutical products that are associated with side effects, Kratom has very few side effects since it is a natural product. The limited side effects related to the products are usually recorded by those who overdose.
  • Boosting energy. At lower doses, the use of kratom is known to increase energy levels as well as stimulating the user. Its use is common in individuals whose work requires high levels of energy and motivation.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety. The use of kratom leads to an increase in the secretion of serotonin and endorphins, chemicals that help to boost mood. This is vital in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Kratom has also been used to reduce different types of anxiety.
  • Enhancing memory. Kratom will increase your cognitive functions by enabling you to concentrate better. It works to improve brain functions. If you have a task that requires focus and concentration, the use of kratom will help you out.
  • Opiates withdraw. The alkaloids present in kratom mimic opiates by binding to the same receptors in the body. This makes kratom a useful remedy to help reduce craving for opiates.
  • Quality sleep. Kratom has the potential to afford an individual quality sleep. Many people suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia have benefited from the use of kratom. At high dose, kratom offers a relaxing and soothing effect that is critical for quality sleep.

Known side effects of kratom

As an herbal product that has immense benefits to humans, use of kratom can result in adverse effects especially when used in extremely high doses. Some of the recorded side effects from the use of kratom include;

  • Constipation
  • Stomach upset
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth


To avoid the adverse effects associated with the use of kratom, a beginner should start using the product at low doses as they advance to establish their optimal dosage. Before you buy kratom adequate knowledge on the benefits, side effects and how to use the product is essential. It is also necessary to ensure that you purchased the product from a trusty worthy vendor. You can only realize the benefits of kratom if you are using a top quality product.

Kratom Quid – Dosage , Preparation & Effects

The Kratom Quid – A more exotic approach.

Along with all the available methods to use Kratom the most exotic one probably is the Kratom quid. What is it? Well, it’s the easiest and one of the most effective methods to get everything Kratom alkaloids can offer you!

Why do they call it “exotic”?

Well, maybe the most important reason this method is exotic and rare is that it is mostly used in Southern Asia, where it grows and there are plenty of fresh leaves; that’s the reason it’s not so popular in Europe or USA, the leaf does not grow there and the shipping of fresh leaves is not so common to these places. Nevertheless, if you ever get the opportunity to try this, don’t hesitate! It’s really worth it and you definitely won’t regret it. You will also have the opportunity to experience the same things as people in Southern Asia, as it’s the most common way to use it there!

There are many reasons to call this method amazing, and some of them are:

  • It delivers rapid effects
  • You will gain maximum alkaloid concentration
  • Avoids digestions which are both quicker and healthier for your stomach
  • It is comparatively more potent

Unfortunately, it also has its negative sides:

  • It may not be available outside Southern Asia, as fresh leaf shipment is not common
  • It can deliver quick side-effects to newbies
  • You don’t really know and cannot accurately measure the alkaloid concentration, so you will have to “feel” the dose.

How can you prepare it?

As stated above, this may be the easiest method to prepare Kratom of all. The only thing you need is fresh leaves and water.

In order to have a ready to chew leaf you must follow the next steps:

  • Remove the veins and all the hard parts of the leaf
  • Immerse the leaves into lukewarm water
  • Keep the leaves in the water until they become very soft and tender
  • After taking them out the water roll them to form a tube-like shape
  • Place the leaf between your lower gum and cheek( you can chew it from time to time for it to release alkaloids)
  • When the leaves juice is released into your mouth and mixed with your saliva, let it in your mouth for a while before swallowing it so the alkaloids can be absorbed through your cheek soft tissue to your bloodstream

Dose and effects

Truth be told, you cannot really calculate accurately the concentration of alkaloids per leaf, so if speaking about the dose you must start from chewing one leaf for about 1-2 hours. After that, you can take more leaves and get to know how many leaves you need to achieve the effect you want, so just regulate it yourself, according to your needs. The effects depend from what strains you chew (if red vein it will be more of a pain-relieving and sedating effect; if green or white kratom it will be more an energetic effect), but the effects might be very strong and come quickly as you receive “raw” alkaloids in high concentrations.

Side effects

Again depending on how many leaves did you chew and what strain did you use. Mostly they are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Disorientation
  • Headaches

So be sure to control the amount you use!

Kratom supplements come in various forms, for example, tincture, tea, and capsules to name a few. People perceive the effects of these forms differently with some preferring to ingest the kratom in the form of tea for a better experience. Others prefer taking the capsules claiming that it’s easier to consume. Ideally, capsules are the best form of taking kratom and here are some compelling reasons to back up this idea. 

They Are Easily Accessible

Due to their small sizes, one can effortlessly carry them to work or any other place of their choice. This is an obvious advantage for regular kratom consumers because they don’t have to return home for a dose. You only need water to swallow your capsules wherever you are and whenever you require the supplement. This is, however, not the case with tea form of kratom where you must determine the appropriate measurement of kratom as well as the amount of hot water to use.

Appropriate Dosage

  The effect of kratom depends on the amount used. The powdered form of kratom is challenging to measure, and a simple mistake can make a very big difference. For example, it brings out relaxation effect when taken in higher dosage, but when taken in lower quantity, it boosts one’s energy. When it comes to capsules, the impact of each tablet is pre-determined, and hence you can easily calculate the appropriate dosage amount for optimal results.

No Bitterness 

This is a major advantage of using capsules; most users find it hard to take kratom due to its bitter taste when taken in powder or tea form. Moreover, kratom tea takes a considerable amount of time and expertise to prepare. Assuming you are busy at work attending to clients, it would be unreasonable to wait for the water to boil, then leave the powder to infuse until its elements are extracted. But for capsules users, ingesting kratom is pure bliss. This is because they are tasteless and odorless thus eliminating the possibility of an unpleasant experience.

Capsules Are Easy To Swallow

Capsules contain a very concentrated product that is easy to take. This means that while the quantity is small, the impact is unmatched. Luckily, you can make your own capsules using kratom powder. For beginners, the process might appear difficult, but it’s simplified through the use of a filling machine. This way, the process becomes easier and accurate; when done carefully, you are not likely to lose the slightest amount of kratom.

Kratom is a naturally grown product having medicinal value to tackle pain, sleepiness, stress and poor moods. Many consumers use capsules not only because they dislike the taste of kratom, but due to the sheer convenience afforded by this method of consuming the product. With capsules, you only need to ensure that you are consuming the correct type of kratom and the correct milligrams are contained in your prospective capsule.


Green Horn strain is one of the rarest forms of Kratom. Its name emanated from the shape of its leaves and green vein color which are unique from other forms of Mitragyna Speciosa strains.’ Green Horn Kratom was first discovered in South East Asia, but owing to its potential benefits, the whole world knows about it.

Even though Green Horn Kratom is grown in Asia, suppliers and dealers often make it available across the world due to its high demand. Despite the fact that there are limited researches and studies on the health benefits of Green Horn Kratom on the human body, many scholars acknowledge that Green Horn Kratom has the extraordinary ability to stimulate the body and boost its energy such that if one was sleepy or gloomy, he/she will definitely be alert and sharp after using it.

Perhaps, other people just use it because of its high demand as well as its growing popularity, but according to the site ‘Kratom Reviews and Guides’, many Green Horn Kratom users prefer using it during morning workout or during any other intensive task. Apart from the stimulating the body to boost energy, Green Horn Kratom is also well known for enhancing mental performance, thereby boosting one’s focus, creativity, as well as mood. For these reasons, some cosmeticians administer the same product for beauty reasons given that in one way or the other, it can improve or change someone’s facial appearance. Although there are some other ways of packing Green Horn Kratom, many suppliers and dealers across the world prefer administering the product in form of powder or capsule(s). Actually, the concentration can vary but most of its users attribute its intensity to the color ‘green.’

As the color suggests, the product grade is determined by color; the greener the product, the more it is intense. With these parameters at hand, one can essentially tell its concentration as well as its strain. Even though everyone is blow-up with the rate at which Green Horn Kratom reacts with the body, as well as the relief it offers to the mind and the body, nobody has ever reported negative effects of using Green Horn Kratom. Therefore, Green Horn Kratom can be used as a medicine for physical and psychological relief.

However, more studies and researches should be conducted to determine the right proportions to be taken by the users for effective and sustainable use. Still, users should practice and exercise dose intakes to continue enjoying its benefits. Of course, everyone is different and may react differently with Green Horn Kratom, but with the administration of the right dosage, everyone tends to reach the same with minimal side effects. Based on these assumptions and benefits, it is recommended to use Green Horn Kratom for the best moments of your lifetime; it is the best choice for everybody.

Red Sumatra kratom is a favorite of users that are looking for kratom that will provide them a calming effect. This strain of kratom is made from the red leaves of the kratom plant that are native to Indonesia. This kratom is one of the most relaxing strains and has both soothing and calming effects.

Red Vein Sumatra Strains contains a number of different alkaloids that are able to provide this calming effects. This is why they are able to provide the soothing feeling and the relaxing properties that people have come to expect from this kratom. Red Sumatra kratom will allow the muscles in the body to relax and the mind will be able to relax as well.

When a person uses Red Sumatra kratom there are some things that they can expect. Some have said the feeling from this kratom is similar to that of opioids that can help a person that is experiencing both feelings of pain and stress. People that use this kratom often have stress in their life and are using it as a safe alternative to reduce the feelings of stress. A person will be able to relax and they will have a reduced feeling of anxiety. This kratom can also be taken before going to be as it will help a person fall asleep and will improve the quality of sleep they experience. There are some medical benefits to using this form of kratom as well. It has been show to lower blood pressure levels and will increase the level of tactile pleasure. There are also euphoric properties that will allow a person to feel like they are in a good mood. In some cases it has even been shown to improve their energy levels.

The effects of the Red kratom can last for a long period of time. That is one of the reasons as to why this form of kratom is so popular. When a person uses this strain they can feel the effects for up to 10 hours after use. They will be able to enjoy a sense and feeling of relaxation both mental and physical. This makes is great for a person that is feeling stress in their life. The katrom can be taken in a powered form and can be made into a tea. It can also be mixed with water or another drink. Kratom also comes in capsules so a person needs to look for this strain.

The Red Sumatra kratom is one of the best strains for relaxation. The effects will last for a period of time and a person will be able to unwind and let go of feelings of stress in their life.

Green Malay is the name given to the Malaysian green strain of Kratom. Malaysia is one of the oldest places in which Kratom is grown in Asia, and this explains why the Green Malay is the most trusted strain and most reliable in the market. The demand for this type is such that it hardly stays long on shelves.

Green Malay is super green and is known to contain superior characteristics that are not common in other strains. It provides pleasurable and long-lasting effects, as it works by binding to the opiate receptors in the brain. For this reason, people know it to be a beneficial medicinal herb for pain relief, energy boost, and euphoria. When used in high doses, it can relax the nerves, and the highest effects can hit five hours after consumption.

Benefits of Green Malay

When taken in the correct doses, Green Malay Kratom offers you the following benefits:

  • It improves social cognitive abilities
  • Relaxes the mind and muscles
  • Restores broken sleep pattern
  • Energy Boost
  • Anti-stress and anxiety
  • Euphoria


Who Can Consume Green Malay?

Different people can take advantage of the Green Malay product in different ways. It is perfect for relieving pain when it threatens to paralyse you; helps get you back on the move. Anyone experiencing bad moods can feel a rejuvenation of the energy levels when they consume it in the right doses. Whether a beginner or a novice in its consumption, you will be able to cure anxiety, depression, and ADD.

The Power behind Green Malay

  • If you have a weak immune system, you should consider taking Green Malay which will also protect your cells from damage. The anti-oxidant properties of the product help fight cancer cells and help the system to combat the aging effects of a stressful life.
  • Green Malay works on the brain to regulate dopamine receptors, which are neurotransmitters responsible for motivation, sleep, focus, and your relationship to food.

Many users of the product combine it with Bacopa Monieri, another beneficial herb for brain health. Bacopa keeps the brain away from dopamine receptor dysfunction and memory loss related to old age.

  • If you wish to improve your moods, increase your energy and get rid of pain, it is worth giving thought to the Green Malay. Compared to other strains of green veins like Borneo and Riau, it is more stimulating, smother, and a better mood enhancer. Green Malay rarely causes sedation.

Use Green Malay to deal with pain and enhance your moods. You can use it every day when you need more energy to accomplish tasks first. The leaves are a miracle from nature, and you can be sure that you will have no side effects to deal with after consumption.

Modafinil is a drug, regulated by FDA and mainly used for the treatment of daytime sleepiness and fatigue. Being monitored by FDA means that it can only be obtained under prescription. It can be used as a stimulant; just like coffee and tea. Most of the users have supported the fact that modafinil promotes alertness and helps a person stay awake. It is therefore highly recommended for the people who are in busy and competitive work and school environments. The following are the other health benefits of taking modafinil;

Reduces fatigue

If a person is fatigued, taking modafinil will help to improve their attention, help them stay awake and also improve their memory. It is therefore advisable for the sleep-deprived individuals to take the recommended amount of this drug. Taking repeated doses will not assist in avoiding poor cognitive performance when someone has not slept for a long time.

Prevention of addiction

According to several studies carried out, modafinil helps in reduction of drugs such as alcohol and cocaine. This substance also helps in reducing the desire for gambling. Therefore, if you are fighting any of these addictions, you should try taking some modafinil.

Acts as a cognitive enhancer

Modafinil helps the user to stay alert and increases the processing speed and accuracy of the brain. People who use it have been seen to make less number of errors in difficult performance tasks. It is therefore recommended for people with the desire for higher cognitive function.

Improving the memory

Whether healthy or unhealthy, human beings require a good memory. Modafinil users perform better in tasks that need a good memory. If you are a student who wants to recall digits and formulas during an exam, or you are an employee who deals with visual pattern recognition, this is the right thing for you.

Acts as a motivator and boosts confidence

Modafinil is a better motivator in increasing task enjoyment and the attention of a person. In most of the studies carried out, this stimulant helps in boosting the confidence of a person.

Decreases anger and anxiety

The amygdala is the brain region that is involved in anxiety. Modafinil works by reducing reactivity to threatening stimuli in this region. The users of this substance are less reactive to anger. However, these results are only noticed in people who take the right amount.

Improves athletic performance

Generally, modafinil improves the reaction time for the healthy people and those who are cognitively impaired. When taken in high doses, this simulant improves the reaction time in the body of the user. Reaction time is one of the critical elements of performance in athletics. Athletes, especially those who participate in sprinting, should, therefore, take this important drug.

It is therefore evident that modafinil is very important to the brain and body performance of a person. To top that up, this substance is more effective than the caffeine or the amphetamines.

Kratom’s popularity as both a recreational and medicinal drug has continued to grow over the years. With head shops and online shopping, finding this herb has become easier than the past. Although popular, there is still some confusion on what the uses are and even how to take it.

This simple guide is to get some basic information out there on Kratom and help encourage others to give this beneficial herb a try.


For centuries Southeast Asia has been using Kratom in traditional medicine for pain relief to treating a cough. The medicinal use is now paired with recreational use. Kratom has both opioid properties and stimulant effects.

At low doses users experience stimulant like effects that increase sociability and alertness. Higher doses induce opioid like effects such as relaxation and sedation. It becomes apparent as to why Kratom is used recreationally as an alternative to other opioids. Kratom takes effect within 5-15 minutes lasting 2-5 hours.

 How to take Kratom

Traditionally the leaves were chewed. Although that wouldn’t be suggested due to the bitter taste. Most Kratom can be purchased in capsules already in granulated form. This form is easiest to ingest. Head shops sale different size quantities of granulated Kratom for use in teas or preferably mixed with orange juice.

A citric juice would best mask the bitter taste.The convenience of capsules would be the best option.

Side effects

As with all drugs, Kratom is with its own side effects as well. Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, and constipation. The more severe side effects are respiratory depression, seizure, psychosis, and death when mixed other drugs.

Any drug comes with it side effects. It goes without saying that mixing drugs is never a good idea. Kratom is to be used only by itself. Deaths have occurred while mixing drug cocktails to increase the effects of the drug.

Red vein strain

Kratom can be found in many different strains. The red vein strain is the most sought-after strain amongst users for its effectiveness for all users. Different strains have different effects for users. With the red vein strain being the most consistent with its effect, new users would be suggested to try this strain first. Users looking to use Kratom for its pain-relieving effects, red vein strains are the ones to look towards.

Kratom worth the try?


People looking for a natural alternative to pain relief or even a recreational drug to relax to, Kratom can be used for either occasion. This guide was written as a quick introduction to bring awareness to this useful herb that has helped others over the centuries.


I suggest doing further research in to Kratom if you have an interest. Most online retailers can better help you with which strain is best for you.